Salt Circle


Before I founded Marrow, I was working as an educator part time; and carving and casting silver jewelry part time, as a way to maintain my creative practice in a way that would still support me financially.

Marrow’s growth has me working more than full time now, so Salt Circle has fallen pretty entirely to the side as an entrepreneurial pursuit. In the past year, though, I’ve re-realized the value and necessity of allowing myself time and space to create (regardless of whether it serves me financially) as a form of self care and healing, and I am working to return to the practice of carving and casting for my own benefit. I am currently re-working the Phantoms collection, and hope to re-release it this year.





Mystical Jewelers of the Pacific Northwest
Dirge Magazine

Salt Circle Spins a Spooky, Intense, Literature-Infused World
Portland Monthly Magazine

See more on instagram  @saltcircle

See more on instagram @saltcircle